TAG 2011

Very interesting PPS5 based session at TAG in Birmingham today.

Was good to get a wide range of opinions from Steve Townend and Ken Whittaker, Jim Hunter and Stella Jackson. So thanks to them for giving me so many ideas. Thanks again to Steven and Ken for organising the session and inviting me and Gill to speak.

I hope that our ideas and explanation of the project made some sense, and carried a little interest. By the IfA conference in April I hope to have a good deal more confidence and insight to share with you all. I will even read up on Descartes and Heidegger!

More details on the session to follow…


About Rob Lennox

Currently studying at the University of York, investigating the transition in planning-led cultural heritage policy in the last two decades. I am using this blog to share the findings I make during my research with the hope of stimulating debate and increasing understanding of the implications of government policy on the historic environment in England. In particular, my research focuses on the ways in which the public engage with archaeology and the ways in which we as archaeologists or heritage professionals construct the processes of knowledge gathering, and to what ends. I hope that through this blog other interested parties will be able to influence and be influenced by my observations and findings as they occur in real-time, and that ultimately it will contribute to the overall understanding of the heritage sector.
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