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Currently studying at the University of York, investigating the transition in planning-led cultural heritage policy in the last two decades. I am using this blog to share the findings I make during my research with the hope of stimulating debate and increasing understanding of the implications of government policy on the historic environment in England. In particular, my research focuses on the ways in which the public engage with archaeology and the ways in which we as archaeologists or heritage professionals construct the processes of knowledge gathering, and to what ends. I hope that through this blog other interested parties will be able to influence and be influenced by my observations and findings as they occur in real-time, and that ultimately it will contribute to the overall understanding of the heritage sector.

The Big Heritage Manifesto (part 1)

On the 14th and 15th July the HLF are staging a ‘Heritage Exchange’ event at which professionals and academics from across a wide spectrum of heritage and related fields will come together to discuss some of the most crucial issues … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? Considering national heritage agency titles

It seems as though 2014/15 is going to be a busy year for the national heritage agencies in England, Scotland and Wales. Each is undergoing a substantial reorganisation, with English Heritage splitting to form a new charity and reformed/reduced Non-Departmental … Continue reading

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A challenge for Sajid Javid: 12 months as Culture Minister – Use them!

It was apt timing to be travelling to Scotland for the IfA conference on Wednesday at 7 am when the news started to arrive that Maria Miller had resigned following a week of intense pressure. Not only was I entertained … Continue reading

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Hansard debate on the future of English Heritage

Yesterday (2nd April) a debate was held in Westminster Hall with the purpose of discussing the future of English Heritage. It is most interesting and worth a read in Hansard here, but with in specific reference to points I made … Continue reading

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The Farrell Review launches – and there’s a lot to talk about.

The Farrell review of Architecture & the Built Environment launched yesterday. At 200 pages long it’s not punchy, and it’s packed with 60 recommendations for the built environment sector. In my early opinion, I am very pleased by the content. … Continue reading

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Valuing heritage in an age of austerity: A Scottish take on an English crisis

In his recent blog post, Sam Hardy has asked ‘how can we limit austerity cuts to cultural services?’ Check out the piece here. Recently I’ve been thinking about similar questions, and would like to expand upon the theme and ask: … Continue reading

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English Heritage: A brand identity crisis?

With the imminent split of English Heritage into two bodies – one half to become a charitable body to continue care of the historic properties in the Collection and the other to continue with government liaison and policy duties – … Continue reading

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Another Treasury bloodying for England’s heritage

This afternoon (26th June 2013) we are expecting the announcement of the Government’s most recent spending review. It is not going to be good news for English Heritage. Across the board a cut of 8% will really bite an organisation … Continue reading

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Surveying professional attitudes towards heritage

As part of my PhD research I am currently rolling out a survey designed to be taken by professionals involved in a range of historic environment roles, particularly those who deal with the built heritage, from listed buildings, to historic … Continue reading

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Worrying cuts to York’s Historic Environment Services proposed

Last week I was in the City of York Council’s brand new West Offices building, a tasteful and modern refurbishment of a Grade 2* Listed former railway building. I was pleased by how well the building’s heritage had been treated … Continue reading

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